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Thread: How Do I Open A File With Pl-cg-1. As The

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    downloaded a film and afer unzipping it, the file names are pl-cg-1-001 and so on like rar files. I can't find any info on opening these. any clue?

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    open the first one with winrar, then you should be able to unrar the movie.

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    that won't work. there is no pl-cg.000 and when i tried to unrar 001 that didn't work. it has a daemon tools symbol on it but it seems i need to reinstall daemon tools to use which i can't because of downloads going on irc.

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    all sorted thanks to a channel op where i got the film. had to open winrar and then find and open the first pl-cg.001 file and the mpg came out just fine.

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    That's what he told u to do in the first place.

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    Yeah, that's exactly what Benno told you to do. So why didn't you?


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