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Thread: Converting Avi Files

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    Can anyone help me please. I have had to reboot my computer and since then I have been unable to convert avi files using TMPG. I have downloaded a new version of Kazaalite, several TMPG and Klite full codec. The picture transfers perfectly but the sound does not. I have checked and there is sound on the original and that is fine. I have tried converting two different films to make sure there was not a problem there. What is the solution, does anyone know please?

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    I have had to reboot my computer

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    Check if the movie has AC3 sound with GSpot,if it has AC3,then you have to convert it to wave if you are using the AC3 codec which is included in K-Lite codec pack.You can fint the guide on my signature link.

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    Go to the Mainconcept web page and download "mainconcept mpeg encoder", look on Kazaa for the keygen. After download, install it and use that instead. It is much better than that tmpg thing, it also converts to vcd and svcd.

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    You can use Virtual Dub to see if the movie use AC3 sound by going to "File-File information":

    It will say "Unknown (tag 2000)" if itīs AC3.

    Personally I donīt have to convert the AC3 to wave cause I use another version of AC3 than the one included in K-Lite Codec Pack but you seems to have it so take a look at the guides on my signature link to find out how to convert the AC3 to wave.

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    I had this problem also,then I read a solution on this forum and it worked out :

    in the menu of TMPGEnc

    go to Options >> Environmental Sittings
    then choose VFAPI plug-in tab

    right click on "DirectShow Multimedia File Reader" and increse its priority untill it goes up. Click OK and try encoding.

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    You have to use Virtualdub. That works just about every time when you have audioproblems. Go to Doom9 and look there for the program and how to use it.

    Greetz, D!mensio_x.

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    Make sure in tmpgenc that it says System(Video+Audio) instead of ES (Video) that's probably your problem.


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