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Thread: Help! Please Help!

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    Hey guys. I am moving off to college today and I am an avid Bittorrent user (using the client of utorrent). Well I'm really scared that i'm going to get down there and not be able to seed, or hardly download for that matter, because they have a firewall. Does anyone know a way i could forward a port or do ANYTHING to make it to where I could have a successful downloading/seeding experience? Thank you all for your help!


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    if you got the dough a seedbox would be the way to go.

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    yeah but i'm in I don't exactly have a ton of money to spend on a seedbox.

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    It depends on the school's firewall setup. Some schools are easier to get around than others. The best people to talk to will be your fellow students.

    It's quite likely that you'll have to switch filesharing methods though. In which case you might want to take a serious look at Usenet - which your school might even provide.

    Likewise, if you are writing from home now, and your parents aren't going to get rid of the internet. Perhaps you can use the computer you are writing from right now as a seedbox. Just remote into it and carry on business as usual.

    Good luck.

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    BitTorrent >>>> College

    You shouldn't go unless you can torrent with great success.

    Trust me, I know from experience.

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    The question has been posed 1,000 times. Please use the search function.

    The FST group


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