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Thread: sdpiosys.sys - does anyone know what this file is??

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    hi all,

    hope someone can help.

    i use kaspersky 2009 and has all been fine, but recently a couple of other online scanners detected it as a Rootkit.

    i submitted the file to kaspersky and it came back clean and it was just a false positive.

    but before i got the reply i deleted the file.

    what i want to know is, what does this file do and whats the company that makes it and program that requires it? i cannot find any info online regarding this file.

    hope someone is able to help.

    thank you

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    sorry, i know what a rootkit is. but i wanted to know if anyone was aware of what this sdpiosys file is and what it does.

    as like i say kaspersky has told me its just a false positive and not a malicious file.

    anyone able to help?

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    Not much info on it but I haven't really researched it. I just checked like 4 sites. It doesn't seem to be anything legit. You could run autoruns and see if it gives any info about who made it. If it's bad which most likely could be, then run combofix and it should remove it. I searched for that file on my system. I have Windows XP and is not found so it might be bad. It could be a driver for one of your programs as well. You could check with autoruns to see if it lists who makes the file.
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    whats autoruns?

    yeah apparently its not a core windows file, the only thing i can think it is would be a driver file, however like i say kaspersky has assured me its not a malicious file as i sent it to them to be tested.

    i have deleted it though to be on the safe side and i have had no problems yet.

    any other users got this file on their system or know what it is?

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    Autoruns is an advanced microsoft utility that will show you everything that starts up with windows. Including viruses. It shows each file, the location and the manufacturer. By looking at the manufacturer you can almost always tell if a file is legit. usually files with no description or manufacturer can be viruses or trojans.

    However like I said on another post. Unchecking anything that is needed by windows can render your OS unusable.


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