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Thread: Need software to convert 4:3 DVD to 16:9

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    Are there any programs that will convert a 4:3 NTSC DVD to 16:9 while not loosing any quality at all?

    If there is a program can someone just explain the steps also


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    In a nut shell, NO! Well kinda NO! If you change the resolution of a dvd thats meant to be shown as 4x3 to 16x9 it will appear stretched out and the actors will look short and squat. For the same reason, if you took a 16x9 video and squeezed it to 4x3, the actors would look tall and spindely. You could, on the otherhand, take a 16x9 video and CUT OFF the sides so it ends up 3x4 but the cut off part is gone for good and can't come back. And thats why a 4x3 dvd can't be made into a 16x9 dvd because to make it, the sides were cut off. I guess you could cut off some of the top and bottom of a 4x3 but the resulting video would not be like the original any more and the cutoff parts might be missed.
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    A taste of heaven........

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    Total video convertor

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    I used dvdsanta for the first time a few days ago and after a few days of fooling around, I uninstalled it. As far as I'm concerned its a piece of junk. If you like it, who am I to argue with you, but I have to tell someone who obviously doesn't know the first thing about conversions to avoid it.

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    If you dont care if the file is a .mkv mkvmerge can do it really fast


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