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Thread: We Will Host It

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    any one tried it
    I want to know more about the speeds

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    Meh casa
    looks pricey for vps.
    i like skittles.

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    i think i read bad thing about them

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    very bad he caps upload speeds to like 700 kB/s on torrentflux

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    I've been lurking for a while but I think this is a good time to make my first post here....I'd like to warn you guys about this company. I signed up with these guys in early June...for 2 weeks the server was down/slow/unresponsive...bottom line...the service was shit. I ended up doing 3.5 gigs of traffic in 2 weeks...yes 3.5 gigs folks...not 3.5 TB.

    They are using Torrenflux 2.1...not the newer b4rt...the older version sux compared to the new...the new one has more features and just a better user interface. Download and upload speeds I really can't say much since I only managed 3.5 gigs but I was speeds were ok..maybe 1.5 mb/s but upload was woefully lame. I also remember being unhappy with their FTP speeds. They used to cap uploads at 300k per torrent when I was there and a few weeks back I read on File Share Freak that they upped it to 500k per torrent...don't expect great upload speeds from these guys.

    Here's the after 2 weeks of bad service which was basically caused by them overselling accounts...I finally asked for my $12 back...they refused. I didn't care since it wasn't all that much money but this is just a heads up...if you pay these guys money and they can't provide good service then don't expect your money back.

    I'll tell you one thing guys...I can understand and forgive when a company messes up...shit happens sometimes...but what I can't forgive is when a company takes your money...doesn't provide the agreed to service and then won't refund your money...that to me is akin to robbing me. That's what these assholes basically did. The test of a company is how it conducts itself when things don't go well...and these guys failed big time.

    Incidentally...I also received an email from these guys today which has also spurned me to make a post. I'm not quite sure why they emailed me since I haven't been using their service for 2 months but this is how disorganized these guys are. In the email they state...and I'm paraphrasing now...that they are having some network/server problems and they are working on them and so on. I found it funny that 2 months after I quit these guys are still having the same problems and still providing the same garbage service. Just a heads up guys...becareful with these clowns.

    I'm with OVH now..did 6-7 TB last month and life is good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joey View Post
    Just a heads up guys...becareful with these clowns.
    This is really good advice for any WebUI/TorrentFlux reseller. Your best bet is to go with one that many people have given praises to. Most TF resellers will give you crappy service/capped speeds due to cramming tons of users on some OVH box or whatever, so just be smart about it.

    The best bet would find an OVH reseller, and split the costs with a few friends or something. This way you know you're going to get quality.

    they didn't built Rome in one day

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    If you want flux send me a pm.
    I dont cap any shit and the speeds are consistant :-)
    7 users on the server at the mo so still a few more slots.

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    Yeah I tried wewillhostit its a leechbox. When your admin has to ask its users for advice to get a VPS running you know you're with a bad service. They're horrible and probably use a pentium 3 and 256mb of RAM PC. I'd give it 1 star out of 10 because. I only gave it a 1 because it did d/l the files you wanted but just never had the bandwidth to get your ratio back to 1:1.

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    yes!! very bad!

    i think the company is ran by 10 year old kids..

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    Yes we know that wewillhostit messed up with their VPSes this is because vmware sucks. They are trying to move over to OpenVZ. As to the torrentflux version it's 2.4 not 2.1, b4rt doesn't have the ability to allow for some of the mods that we need example disk quota. The upload being caped is to share the servers more evenly. If you think about it, the cost of the torrentflux is so low compared to everyone else, there is a minimum amount of people needed per server to break even. Wewillhostit may offer plans that cost more that are on a sperate server for people that need premium service.

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