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Thread: Is There Any Program Which...

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    Is there?

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    memturbo is quite good

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    The only one to use is memoryboost I have tried them all its simple to use and it keeps your resources higher. I give this program 100% no problems with it

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    Memoryboost is good!

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    ctrl+alt+del, end explorer normally work (it will close all explorers and log u owt of sites)

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    check out sites as As under Freeware as under shareware there are a lot of RAM related programms.
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    rambooster works pretty good. ive had it forever and its freeware with no limitations. some geek made it cuz his computer was always low on memory after surfing the web. just search around in google and youll find a downlaod for it. you can set an alarm level meaning if your free memory goes below a certain point it will free up memory automaticl, and you can do it yourself.


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