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Thread: Use Any Characters You Want In User + Network Name

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    If you try to use certain characters as your user or network name K++ won't let you such as *. To get around this edit your user and network name in the windows regestry.

    User Name: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Kazaa\UserDetails\USERNAME
    Network Name: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\K++\NETWORKNAME

    One Limitation I've Found is you can't use @ as your network name.

    I haven't tried it yet, but maybe you could also use this to get past the user and network name length limitation.

    My username is @@@@@@@@@****

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    why not?!?!?!
    you can also use your character map for different font's and characters.

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    Under network name could you do Alt + 0160 and that would give you a blank space, not sure if that has a point but it could look cool... B)

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    After doing more experimenting I found that you can't use any character but there are definitely a few characters you can use with this method that you can't use with the normal method. Also there is one problem this would cause. If you did add normally invalid characters to your user/networkname in the regestry then when you go into options in Kazaa and change other options on the the tab where the username or network name is and you click on OK it will say invalid username or network name. The way around this is to change those options in the regestry as well. They should be in the same key (looks like a folder) as the username or network name value.

    Notes: You can change options on the other tabs and not have a problem as long as you don't open the tabs with the user and network name. Merely opening the tabs with the user or network name will cause you to have to click cancel to close options. All the options that are check boxes in Kazaa are 1 for checked and 0 for unchecked in the regestry. The easiest way to experiment is to export the usename and networkname values to .REG files and open them with notepad (right-click on the file and choose edit) and change the names to what ever you want then save the file and close it then double-click on it and click ok. IMPORTANT: you must close Kazaa before you change the names or they won't take effect.

    Maybe this is breaking the no question rule, but how come in the latest version of K++ user and network name are on seperate tabs when in the last version they were on the same tab right next to each other?

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    If you have spaces in the username, when kazaa starts it wont attempt to connect and when you click connect it does nothing unless you change your name to a whole word but after you connect you can change it back without any side effects

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    guys, interesting :) at the moment I belong to KaZaA Network as
    sha're@KaZaA, and am happy about it :)

    but as well nice idea :)


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