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Thread: Hardware problem

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    Dear sir
    I have proble that display related. pc moniter for ok,
    RAM for ok,SMPS for ok. solve my problem .
    anythin masage (abcd.....)som no display.

    When I got to the display settings, i only have the choice for 2 colors or 16 colors. How can I get the other choices? this computer used to have them but we had to reformat it and it no longer has the correct choice. Is a there a driver I may need, and if so, how can I find out which one i do need? Thanx.
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    Yeah, you need the proper video driver.
    What kind of video card/PC do you have and what OS are you running?
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    lost em I think

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    u can try going to the hardware manager and finding out the mother board ver. and download the drivers from the company website

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    Im not sure if I'm allowed to post links in my replys so I sent you via pm a link to download a program called AIDA32.
    It gives you complete information on your system! Your motherboards name, graphic card, sound card, sensors, etc. EVERYTHING!

    It's like Everest but it doesn't install anything on your computer.

    Anyway, with that software, check out your video components and click the links next to them to download the latest drivers.

    EDIT: Erm I cant seem to find the link to send you a pm. So just google AIDA32.
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