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Thread: Where To Get Visual Basic 6.0 Or Visual Studio 6.0

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    Im sorta new to all this P2P business, but im looking to get hold of a copy of visual basic 6.0 ideally, or maybe visual studio. Although I dont really need that big of a programme.

    Ive only got Win98, so the .NET version is not right.

    I did a search and this forum talks about the emule network and shareaza or something, would I need to use this to get VB 6.0?

    Thanks for any advice / help thanks!


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    It's on kazaa I downloaded it a while ago but I don't have it cause I deleted cause the MSDN library cd's didn't work but the program is on there and works.

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    I just got vb with the vb class I take at school. Everytime I take a course we get free o.s. and programs. Last semester I got xp pro disk with unlimited users cd key and sytem manager (2000 server) for free.

    Anyway, Ill copy vb to my hard drive and pm you and you can download it from my ftp if you wan,. but only if you have a broadband connection............sorry 56k users would take forever to get it.


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