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Thread: Odd Newsleecher behaviour

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    Once every three or four times I open up Newsleecher, either from my desktop shortcut or via using an NZB, something strange will happen: files that I downloaded weeks and weeks ago will appear at the bottom of my queue. This used to happen with a "Fawlty Towers" .iso I was downloaded. Now it happens with the Kung Fu Panda screener. It's as if it keeps accidentally activating the NZB, even though I deleted it a long time ago. It's not a big problem, because I simply delete the "rogue" files from my queue, but it's still very odd. Anybody else experience this? I'm using a pirated v9.

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    are they paused PAR files?

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    nope, just the usual mix or rars and pars.

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    I'd clear out your cache under the application data\newsleecher.


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