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Thread: Gta Vice City

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    Has any one downloaded it on Kaaza Lite ?

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    Not on kazaa, I used direct connect but tonnes of torrent sites have it up now too.

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    Got it off emule in 36 hours.
    Fairlight version. Haven't burnt it yet though.

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    i swear emule is the slowest p2p shareing i have ever seen what kps do u usually go?

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    Originally posted by maximan@21 August 2003 - 19:35
    Has any one downloaded it on Kaaza Lite ?
    I got both cd's on KL.
    You cant imagine how suprised I was when not just ONE but BOTH were without defects.
    I got a no cd crack as well (although I need to have disk 2 burned on a cd and in the drive to play.....I still dont understand the no cd thing but oh well.) and I freakin LOVE the game.
    I share all my files when I'm online so look for it from "share2care" Its the real deal.
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