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Thread: SynctheBits - StB <do YOU mobile?>

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    What is StB about?

    StB, or SynctheBits, is a niche tracker orientated for mobile contents, consisting of primarly themes, games, applications for popular mobile platforms (Windows Mobile, iPone, Symbian, BlackBerry and Java).

    What StB aims to achieve?

    Basically we want to become the flagship for Mobile Torrenting. Whilst we've seen a plethora of 0day private torrent sites nowadays, trackers have provided minimal venues (or if any at all) for the download of mobile contents through BitTorrent. StB wants to be the first tracker dedicated in formulating an essential arena for mobile enthusiasts, who would love a one-stop-marketplace for mobile accessories and a community that shares a common interest.

    There are a few trackers who supply mobile contents, however the range of choices they offer are limited and contents scarce. StB wants to make a commitment in providing the most comprehensive selection of mobile contents for the end-user. We've seen the demands for a mobile niche tracker and we are willing to take it to the next level.

    How old is StB?

    The site has been in the development for a couple of weeks and is currently in the stage of beta testing with limit number of testers, staffs. The site is still undergoing bug fixing and improvements, there might be colour glitches and other minor issues.

    StB invite system

    Invites are handed to members and staff on promotional basis. Currently the site is closed and will be unlikely to open for signups. However StB does not intend to be "elite" or "secret", invites will be distributed to members and will be readily available once beta test has concluded.

    Coding of StB

    The engine source for StB is based on TBDEV


    StB will open for BETA now. To join the site you will need to obtain an invite from #stb-invite (this channel will only be open for a few days then GL getting a invite)


    We are currently looking for uploaders. We prefer if you

    - have a dedicated source for mobile contents
    - will be actively uploading on a weekly basis.
    - understand the standards set by StB


    ~ Often Imitated, Never Duplicated! ~

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    should have put that there

    i did not read any of the post, so it looked like a review to me lol

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    Sign me up for beta test too. I've got a WM6.1 flashed to my HTC Typhoon and Wireless PDA devices have played a large role in my life. <--- BTW, this is not a request for an invite - It's a request to be a beta tester.
    Last edited by Eargasm; 08-19-2008 at 03:04 AM.

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    looks awesome.....hope its as good as it seems

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    Looks good and promising. I will be eagerly waiting to sign up....Good Luck

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    Looks great.

    p.s.When will you open sign up?

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    Looks similar to another tracker I know.

    That being said, I really like the potential of this. It's hard nowadays to find a niche for a tracker. Mostly everything's been done already. With enough dedicated members your tracker could be huge one day. I don't have a cell phone right now, but if I get one in the future then I would be very interested in this.
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    Hey reese, don't I know you from somewhere ?

    Also, awesome tracker.

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    Sign ups will not be opening. For people who are interested please visit the invite channel. Also if you're not interested in being an uploader or tester then please wait for the sites actual release, thank you.

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    I wish good luck to this site.Anyway the design is almost the same like one other tracker :| Maybe changing it wouldnt be a bad idea ?

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