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Thread: Help Nero 6 Ultra

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    Come on guys someone out there must be using this product! NERO 6 ULTRA If it's working proberly for you let me know (maybe I'm doing something wrong) can't see it been using nero for along time but there was always an edit button does the new program work without one??? someone please help
    I have been using nero to burn my movies to vcd for along time now, yes with the new program I'm having difficulty editing them. (hope this explains a bit more)

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    Edit? Edit what?

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    Originally posted by balamm@22 August 2003 - 14:17
    Edit? Edit what?
    Edit my movies what did you think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    you weren't very clear, and by adding that you were talking about editing movies, it still isn't very clear. do u mean you are using NeroVision to edit yor digital movie?

    I've edited a movie on it to try it out, and it worked fine.

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    My, You are an exciteable NOOB aren't you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ummm... Most of us Don't do movies in Nero

    Maybe that's what your problem is.

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    Yeah, there are much better programs to edit your movies. NeroVision isn't bad if you just want to do the occasional one with a few transition effects. I don't know much about them as i don't have a capture card yet, so haven't really had the need for one.

    If you think you have a corrupt version of Nero then just go to their site and download the official demo pack. I'm sure you'd be able to unlock it if you have a look around

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    use Adobe Premiere to edit videos. I use it all the time. Or if you want more, might think about upgrading to Avid Express. Or if you got a mac, get Final Cut Pro.

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    question for ya about adobe premiere...I started using it recently...does it take longer than, say, photoshop, to open?

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    I dont normally use Nero and havent done anything with Ultra 6. But I did go mad with wanting a copy (ages ago) and downloaded several off Kazza. Try going here and then to the official nero site and go to downloads and install the rest of the stuff in updates.

    A friend did this nd he said its all cool...I cant help much as i dont normally use it.


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