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Thread: How Much Do You 56k Modem Users Download?

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    i am on dialup 56 k modem and i have this program called DUMeter which tells me i download about 400 MB everyday. I get upto 8 GB each month. how much do u guys download if you guys are dialup 56 k modem users dialy and monthy in all up and who is ur ISP? im just interested! thanx!

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    400mb a day? Do you leave it on 24hrs? I try to download a movie a week. Thats leaving it on over night for about 8-9hrs a night. Seems like whenever I try to download a movie, I always get like 3kb/s. I know I can get more(downloaded Freddy vs Jason trailer at 6.5kb/s). It's terrible, no one will give you bandwith anymore considering most are on broadband. Thats just selfish. I would switch to broadband but we can't cable or dsl and satellite is like 100 bucks a month. Stupid cable company laughs at us when we ask them to put it on are road. The cable line stops like 2 miles down the road. Fuckers!!

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    well i dont leave it 24 hrs cos it has 5 hr session limits. i get bout 20 hrs a day. i used to be on broadband cable with Telstra cos i live in Australia but i changed cos of the 3 GB limit. i dont have many other options available

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    i dunno how much i download a day but my connection is on 24hrs a day. it cuts itself out every 2 hours but i made it redial automatically so i dont have to check up on it. i guess i download about 300mb a day maybe a bit more. it all depends what sort of speeds i get

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    why does your cut out, mines never done that.

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    i'm on Freeserve AnyTime 56k just now.
    session limits of 2 hours, which is pretty annoying.
    leave it connected pretty much constantly, my average is about 80% connected in the past 4 months.
    if i'm constantly downloading i get about 400 meg a day, though i don't always leave it downloading. sometimes i just leave it on to browse or chat

    edit: @justin, some isp's just like to limit dial up users so they don't download huge files
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    i thought all dialup connection have session limits and cut after few hrs? apparently its so all users can have a fair go on the internet or some shit.

    hey if u guys want du meter i can give it to ya with serial key and everything
    so you cna check connection time and downloads/uploads

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    if i&#39;m constantly downloading i get about 400 meg a day, though i don&#39;t always leave it downloading. sometimes i just leave it on to browse or chat
    fuck, i wish i cud download like that when i had my 56k, i cud only manage a shity 3kb for anything...

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    tell me about it, it sucks. Last night, I was d/l Pirates of the Caribbean and there was like 100 users, none would let me connect. I d/l from one user all night at 1kb/s or lower. 30mb in 10hrs, not right.

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