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Thread: Xihilisk, Fuck the RIAA?

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    lol, seen this?:

    All i can say is, fairplay!

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    who the fu*k is Xihilisk

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    These guys are at vanity house @What.CD, also think they're in the What album

    Think they're electronic

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    yeah its electronica stuff, very original though, and actually very good! Thought the name was ballsy.

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    I really like seeing artists do things like this.
    I wish more people were educated on this subject.
    I understand this is a file-sharing forum, but I think everyone can agree some aspects of P2P are not exactly "moral" or at least realize, a large amount of people believe that.

    But with music, if people actually paid attention, they'd realize how corrupt the major record labels are and how ridiculous the situation is.

    I like to see artists raise awareness because they're the ones that actually have the most power to change this stuff, so thank you for pointing this out.

    If only there was a band saying music should be free for every band that's crying on the news for their music being leaked on a bittorrent tracker.

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    Check this out, an interview with Xihilisk about piracy:


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