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Thread: PSP Information Needed

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    Hey, been a long time since I posted here.

    Basically, I've been thinking about getting a psp to use on my commute to and from work everyday because I have about 45 minutes by train. My question for everyone though is, now that it's been out for awhile is it easy to put downloaded games on psp's.

    I know absolutely nothing about psp and there might be some good guides or information things for me to read up on. Do PSP's need to be hard modded, or are there soft modifications that can be made to play downloaded games etc.

    Really, any information regarding playing downloaded games or just in general about psp's would be appreciated.

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    Up until now, it has been relatively easy to mod the PSP. You don't have to hard mod it, you just need to install custom firmware (cfw) on it to run homebrew apps and backups.

    To do that you'll need a "magic memory stick" (mms) and a "jigkick/service/tool battery" (the combination of both is called a "Pandora battery").

    To create the mms you can use a program like Catb50's installer, PSP Grader, among others (just google for them).

    There are 3 ways for getting the battery:
    1. Softmod a normal battery with another PSP already runing cfw (but you may not have access to another modded PSP, plus newer PSPs can't softmod batteries).
    2. Hardmod the battery. You have to cut open the battery and break a pin in a chip inside (or cut through a line in a circuit depending on the model). You can fry the battery if not done correctly. You should follow a detailed video tut if you want to go that way.
    3. Buy a tool battery from datel/amazon/dealextreme.

    In short, the battery is used to put the PSP on service mode, and with the mms inside, the cfw installer is loaded.

    I say it's been easy up until now, because new models that come with the newer motherboard (TA-088v3) don't allow the mms to load the installer = can't put cfw on them.

    I have no idea if these are already in US/Canada. Some say these motherboards will come on the new PSP model that will be released on October (the PSP-3000), others say it's already there on current models...

    Here is a guide you can follow.
    A good video on how to use Catb50's installer with the Datel battery.
    Nice site with loads of guides and info.

    Good luck.
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    The PSP-3000 is coming out in mid October,
    it may be worth waiting for to check out & see if someone can figure out how to mod it.
    It's not too different from the slim, but it looks a bit sleeker and has a better screen, and a built in mic. There's not too much info on it yet though.

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    Any question about modding PSP's; download PSP-games ... you find it all at

    Always helped me.
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  5. Games   -   #5 is a GREAT place to get PSP homebrew and custom firmwares. Another wonderful place is Good luck!

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    Can anyone tell me if i can downgrade my PSP firmware ..... it's very new firmware .


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