First off ..the last giveaway was a blast. My return to FST was amazing and I got a lot of PMs requesting invites from my close friends. Sorry to those users who didn't get the invites. But as they say friends first sorry. You can always be my friend I would like to help out new users here on FST who can prove themselves to be future good users.

This giveaway is for newbies. What does this mean?

  2. You are not a trader.
  3. Provide speedtest with today's date (direct link) and good ratio proof
  4. Provide a good reason why you deserve the invite.

  • RevTT x2
  • PT x4
  • eLektronik x3
  • NB x1
  • TTi x2
  • BitMeTV x2
  • BitMe x2

Do you deserve the invite?

Still looking for HDCorea + HDChina ....anyone?