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Thread: Thousands of file-sharers face legal action in UK

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    LONDON (Reuters) - "Thousands of people suspected of sharing music, films and games over the Internet will be pursued through the courts for damages, lawyers for entertainment companies said on Wednesday.

    London-based law firm Davenport Lyons said it would apply to the High Court to force Internet service providers to release the names and addresses of 7,000 suspected file-sharers. They could be subject to civil action in the courts under Britain's copyright laws.

    David Gore, a partner at Davenport Lyons, said it had already begun proceedings against several people in Britain who it says have uploaded protected material to the Internet. The firm won a case at the Patents County Court in London against a woman who shared a pinball game online. She was ordered to pay damages of 6,000 pounds and 10,000 pounds in legal costs to the game's maker, Topware Interactive.

    "Illegal file-sharing is a very serious issue resulting in millions of pounds of losses to copyright owners," Gore said in a statement. Record companies, film studios and games makers have stepped up attempts to curb illegal file-sharing after losing millions of pounds in revenue to online piracy.A government-backed deal was struck last month between Britain's six biggest Internet service providers and the entertainment industry under which file-sharers would be sent warning letters."

    Source: Full Article @ Reuters
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