"Industry trade group's new general counsel also served as senior counsel to US Department of Justice."

"As if there was any doubt about it, the Entertainment Software Association today signaled that antipiracy efforts will continue to be its major focus.

The gaming-industry trade group announced today that Kenneth Doroshow has been named its next general counsel. Doroshow most recently worked as the former senior vice president of litigation and legal affairs for the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), where he fought legal battles to uphold the copyright interests of record labels.

Among Doroshow's projects during his time with the RIAA were antipiracy lawsuits against LimeWire, Usenet.com, and AllofMP3.com. Prior to that, he served as senior counsel for the US Department of Justice's computer crime and intellectual property section. In that role, Doroshow is credited with playing "a key role in the largest-ever multinational criminal investigation of software piracy over the Internet."

Doroshow will assume the duties of the ESA's general counsel next month."

Source: Gamespot