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Thread: or ovh

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    Which server would be better
    and why ?

    the one from OVH or from
    If we forget about the setup fee.

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    OVH. Don't even have to think about it.

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    I need some arguments please from people who knows both of them

    thank you.

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    It depends to many factors,

    I have few boxes from hsoting-ie and last month I've got one from OVH directly
    I was attracted with cheap price and no setup price.
    First inconvenience was that i had to give copy of my passport they do not accept paypal, so to use CC you need to give all your Identity, be honest I had no pleasure at all, and didn't' really use it feeling totally unsafe,
    (Don't think OVH will come down with me if some one will open some legal case so I'm going to cancel it)
    It is cheap no setup fee but server Was Not New, in 1 week they had to replace CPU after the crash, other week HDD was gone,
    Speed was very good for some trackers inside the OVh network but outside of it it was a Disaster. But if you are low budget and willing to limit your self in ovh network then it will be good enough for you.

    if you need some new server with New Hardware and care what are you using
    if you use a loot of traffic like 10TB, 15TB, so far
    if you think to use your server for couple of months
    if you need to keep you Identity safe, using paypal
    then Defently
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    I'm Fucking Lost
    I've used both .. OVH no contest.
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    I never used OVH , but as you can see here no one can give you arguments why OVH is better for a simple reason
    It is Not, but as far people has it they are trying to convince as much people possible to get ovh to enlarge the capacity of internal network as far they are basically locked in it as torrentsOne explained higher.
    So up to you, if you are low budget you can join them
    If you need a real server on real Large network with high international speed and Top high bandwidth (Not just local)

    then Hosting-ie and just hosting-ie

    Before hosting-ie has some serious setup time problem
    but now they are fast on that 24-48 hours
    so the only issue they had is gone now, and I can't see any competition for them
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    has anyone ever had dedi's at both? i'm really on the ball about which one to pick. i not only need a dedi server for torrents but for international traffic as well. actually, a lot of international traffic. is ovh really that bad in that area?

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    i have dedicated at both ovh and hosting-ie right now.

    I do pretty mutch get the same speed from them ..Its just that hosting-ies support sucks so mutch that its not worth try them

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    hosting-ie is a reseller of by the way. i personally prefer ovh since it's cheaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by integral View Post
    hosting-ie is a reseller of by the way. i personally prefer ovh since it's cheaper.
    Thats true. But keyweb can take your server down if you are doing warez. Hosting-ie just dont give a shit. But they also dont care to help you if you have some problems

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