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Thread: setup time

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    what is the setup time with hosting-ie now any Ideas?

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    vps(can be considerably longer) or dedi(think 48hrs)

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    VPS has known to take more than 10 days for some users...

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    I got my Dedi in about 24 hrs. my friend also got it in 24 WORKING hrs i.e. Sat, sun nothing happened.

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    Ok so it looks the sounds about the improved service is trough..
    Sounds good

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    Weeks, plural.

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    24 max 48 hours

    If you do order with CC then make sure you provide all they ask for
    as sun you do it as quicker your server will be set
    but the better way is paypal , they accept it fully and you can keep your anonymity
    which is important in our business ))
    24 to 48 hours is after they receive the payment.


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