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Thread: [req] iTs :)

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    Well my 1st request here....i want it coz its an awesome tracker and i want it mainly for its packs and NO RATIO !...i have S*T,S*l etc. so i want to add another tracker known for its packs coz i just <3 packs...i kno i am asking a huge request...i dun have a seedbox coz of the so called "ZONE" :|...but i guess if there is no ratio...then it should not matter....but that is what I THINK...i'll get a seedbox the first day when OVH cmes to my country...i tried to find a reseller but i cudnt get 1 ...also i heard they hand out applications as invites so if any user is willing plz give me 1

    Thank You. Cheers!

    PS: IF u want any proofs feel free to pm me
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