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Thread: Svcd?

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    I want to download a film thats in SVCD format
    Doe's this mean I can just burn them using Nero and they will work in my stand alone dvd player?


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    Use the search button its yu only companion on the board. . .

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    yer if ur DVD Player supports SVCD and CD-R's

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    That would be correct yes!


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    You are correct. If the movie is an mpeg2 file you can burn it as an svcd with Nero. However if the movie is an mpeg1 file you should burn it as an vcd or re-encode the movie into an mpeg2 format. Just don't use Nero for re-encoding, that's bad, really bad.

    Greetz, D!mensio_x.

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    Yes, It will burn just go use the wizard of Nero if u do not know what u are doing it will most likely be on two discs when u download it.


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