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Thread: REQ Arabseries and arabfilms

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    With the holy month Ramadan coming and me being sooo far away the only way i can watch those series i watched last year is thru these 2 trackers.

    Calling every arab out there to help their brother arab in getting into these trackers.

    Ramadan Kareem is coming soooooooon

    w mashkoooor habeebi

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    I wish you good luck mate,
    If I got my hand on an invite, I'll try to PM you,,

    Or you can just watch this year's series,,,,

    Ramadan Kareem

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    Oct 2007
    Ramadan Kareem

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    thanx i hope someone can be generous enough to invite me

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    Ramadan is getting closer and i'm still looking for an invite

    any help brothers?


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