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Thread: Opera 7.20 Beta 4 (build 3069)

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    With Opera's new rendering engine, the Web has never been so fast! With additional features aimed at moving you quickly through the Web like keyboard shortcuts, mouse gestures, window management and great search features, it's the only place you won't be caught for traveling at such speed!

    Opera uses less memory and less space on your hard drive than competing browser applications, making you more productive on the Web while providing other programs enough resources to perform at their best level.

    Features such as multiple document interface (MDI), mouse gestures, keyboard shortcuts, Hotclick translation, presentation tool, zooming, integrated search, and so many more were first introduced in Opera, and now they are being copied by other browser makers. Downloading Opera gives you access to ALL these unique, innovative features, as well as many more to come.

    Download Here

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    Cheers for the info. I was just wondering if this beta is worth downloading? I downloaded beta 1 or 2 and it was buggy as hell, I've since switched backed to the stable build. (I've also lost my login for the opera forums and can't be arsed to sign up again )


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