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Thread: Windows Xp Questions

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    First of all, I'm a complete moron, so please forgive me for my dumb questions.

    I'm downloading Windows XP Pro Corporate version (the file is 504,102 KB) and it says it doesn't need registration or any kind of activation. Is this true? There is no need for a serial number, keygen or crack?

    I've heard that XP's license expires after a while. Will that happen with the Corporate version?

    What's the difference between the Corporate version and all the others XPs?

    It also says it's a bootable cd. What does that mean?

    Also can I upgrade from Windows 98SE or 2000 to XP, using this CD?

    I told you I was a moron!

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    Your 1st post. Welcome to the board. The questions you asked have been asked many many times before. Use the search button upper right corner to find those threads. Read those & :rtfaq:

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    i covered this in detail a few days ago go here and it should answer your questions


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