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Thread: Best 56k Friendly Multiplayer Game?

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    Best 56k friendly multiplayer game?

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    i'd say vietcong. it has good pings for 56k (approx 200 on u.s servers (even though i'm in the uk) with 6 users)
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    Most of the time CS
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    CS is horrible - unless you have a decent ping (100 at least) you can&#39;t hit anything

    Warcraft 3 works kinda nicely, just occasionally you&#39;ll have to pause for 30 secs to catch up
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    Originally posted by ttttttttt@22 August 2003 - 19:10
    Most of the time CS
    U Cannot Play Counter-strike with a 56k its impossible&#33; u have a ping of like 1000 and u teleport everywhere its so lagy&#33;

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    yeah, cs is not good for 56k, u could always try one of the massively multiplayer games such as Utopia, or Archmage. Those arent fast paced at all, but are entertaining

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    Games I,ve had good luck with,Diablo2 and Serious Sam.
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