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Thread: reviews needed

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    I may be interested in a seedbox from
    I want to order this package:
    Does anyone has experience with this company?
    What about the speeds?


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    use your common sense?

    19 (gbp) per month for 15gb space !!!!!!

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    Yeah thats way too expensive man .. bty microsoft how abt that email Id

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    I posted it in the other thread.

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    they are slow they use giga-international servers very slow

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    I'm not really looking for a lot of HD space, but for unlimited torrents and unlimited bandwidth.
    Anyone ever used them?

    What do you suggest?
    Most of the topics is about OVH here.

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    i used before it was slow...

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    Not to mention the RAM is way too low for a decent box =/

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    i have seedbox host right now;

    all i can say is stay away.

    unbelievably slow; max download speed ive seen on my torrents is 1.1mb/s TOTAL!!,
    and upload ? MAX; 400k. usually i see 4 or 5k/s...

    support is UNBELIEVABLY slow in response times... if ever.

    setup time for my windows vps took almost a week.

    harddrive space is 15gb.... wtf ?

    ram is ?

    only positive thing i can say about them, is they gave me a temporary torrentflux account while they, setup my windows box.

    im leaving them ASAP.

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    Ive been with for 4 months. First i got a linux torrentflux seedbox VPS from them. Its hosted in holland and its quite quick.
    It costs me 22 (uk) a month for 25 gig and the box i have is mine and not shared with others. Speeds are ok, I get 10Mbit daily from the vps in general use (peeks a little higher).

    I decided a month ago to get another server, i got a windows one as i was going to run other progs on it also. The windows VPS are the fastest (in using it, speed of system etc) i have used. It dosent crash, its got its own control panel so i can reboot it and uTorrent installed.

    The speeds on the windows server does vary at different times of the day. Its not as constant as on the linux box. Speeds on the windows server have been ranging from the highest i had was 22Mbit down and 12 Mbit up, average speed seems to be between 6-10Mbit down and 1-4Mbit up.

    There support (when i have had to use it) was excellent, they rebuild my linux box after i broke it within the hour. Ive been with other seedbox hosts who never ever even replied to my emails

    All in all im happy with my 2 vps boxes i got with them.

    hope this helps u guyz

    Seedboxbitch ;-)

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