Hello, I"m in desperate need of a BlackCats account/invite. I'm huge into gaming and I hear BCG is the best. What's a bit frustrating is the signup button give s a 404 error. Is there any way I can get a BlackCats invite or something? What's worse is i had an account, but it got disabled for some unfortunate reasons. I've had to wipe my computer clean (completely screwed up from viruses) about 10 times over the last year. I downloaded a few huge things at the beginning (which i now know was wrong, but I was a total n00b at the time), and there were very few leechers. I know there's the seed points thing, I redownloaded everything, which brought my .037 ratio down to almost nothing, and I tried to reseed everything. I got another virus after about a week or two, and by then, everything was just completely messed up, I couldn't get my ratio back up there, and they disabled my account. I currently have a bitgamer account, which had a 20GB download to 100MB upload (or so). What I am able to do with BitGamer is upload some games which brought my ratio way back up. Over the course of the last 4 days or so, I've brought my ratio up to about 14.5GB. Point with the bitgamer thing is I can upload, I have a good connection, but it's a matter of not getting viruses and the ability for me to upload torrents. I haven't had any isseus over the last month or so, and I've been watchign what I"ve been downloading to prevent anyhting bad from happening. Everything had been just a bad messup and I was wondering if anyone can get me a blackcats invite. I won't make the same mistake again, and I'll keep my ratio up. Here's a speed test and some proofs of my accounts:




BitGamer account (what it's like now

BitSoup account:

ThePeerHub account:

Here's an IPTorrents account I got an invite for about 4 days ago:

Those are just some proofs that I can keep a good ratio. Thanks, and I really hope someone can help me out.