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Thread: irssi + assistance needed

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    I'm trying to setup an fserve on a linux box but havin' a heck of a time.

    I've installed irssi and put the script in the /scripts/autorun folder and it launches successfully. I've set it up using these instructions I found

    But.. even though its on , I can't get it to respond to !list, or the trigger at all. Is there something these instructions are lacking that is basic?

    When i look within th script, it looks like it should respond to !list.

    Any help is appreciated!

    edit: if can't get this working, i'll try mirc/sysreset in wine.. but trying to stick to commandline only with irssi and screen.

    edit2: well.. apparently sysreset won't work through wine either.. is there no solution for running an fserve on linux?
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    I've given up on irssi...

    Mirc doesn't work in wine apparently (crashes on me.. and others are saying the same).

    Does anyone here run an fserve under linux (I'm using Debian) and can provide a recommendation?


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