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Thread: Where Can I Download Dragonball Z Eposides From?

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    Where can i download english dragonball z eposides from then? I will be most greatful thanks i want to download old ones as well. And is it possible to download them on websites as well?

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    Off kazaa there all over it.

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    I'm looking for episodes 59-91 but not those large DVD rips, small Real media files like the ones I downloaded from Any one of Fasttrack/Overnet/BitTorrent will do.
    And also the ones after Cell saga. Thanks

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    I'm really interested in getting my hands on the cell saga, and even the Frieza saga too
    I'd prefer if I can get dvd rips cause they are just so much better...
    also I've been wanting to get my hands on the movies too... I've rented and made my own rips, but I'm having problems finding an English (high quality) version of Brolly Returns... does anyone have it??

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    thanx for the site but how do you download from there cuz i click the link and nothing happens


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    ya how do u download these?

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    You have 2 download netpumper and then it will work...

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    Thanks for the links.... but for one Real Player sucks and for 2 they aren't in good quality (not dvd rip) but thanks anyways... I might just makes some from dvds and post the hash up

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