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Thread: Looking for a tracker for East Asian music

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    I've been looking for some Taiwanese and Japanese acts, and despite their relative popularity in their home country, they are impossible to find it seems. Finding Japanese music isn't too hard, but when looking for other Asian music, it gets a little harder to satisfy my 1337 tastes in music. (ugh) For example, I am looking for albums by the Thai Indie band called "Bear-Garden" but it's proving to be difficult. Even if the particular acts I am looking for cannot be found, I would love to have a means to explore these music scenes further.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Bear Garden - Disco Biscuit EP - this one is on by the category emo , wich has 550 torrents to explore .

    on the other hand on waffles i couldnt find that bear thingy but there is an asian category with 200 torrents to explore on it .


    * emo category on waffles with 1300 torrents

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    may be you can use that

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