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Thread: New Ploy To Look Like You Sharing

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    anyone else notice how many people are filling thier shared folder with album art and game saves, i dont mind peep's turning on their privicy option but this looks like leeching (what you only download album art?)

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    They probably had both untill the spOOks came.

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    arts good but you cant listen to it

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    Well its bullshit since you can go to...
    Get it there.

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    If they share it, it's not leeching

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    Originally posted by Gre1@23 August 2003 - 03:45
    If they share it, it's not leeching
    Bit of a strech at times though.

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    I may have 'album art' in my shared folder but its partial downloads from another P2P program, it just shows as album art when you search the files. In my files theres about a doz partial downloads from this other program which show as album art.

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    i've noticed this too - some ass holes with like 4000 tiny files, and if my comp is busy at the time my klite crashes - not the odd album art or pic file but tons of txt's and other shit

    edit - @micgem you can turn off the option in media player to get album info and some other options to stop you getting all that albumart in your folder

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    Hey, I share many files, but also have downloaded DVD covers in my folder, some were hard to trace, others I had to pay a small fee for. You should see the amount of uploads I receive daily for these files, its incredible. LOL :pirate: :flame:

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