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Thread: Is rTorrent safe?

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    Hi guys!

    Since a few days ago I have a NAS from Synology which has rTorrent as torrent client on board.

    But I've a problem. I'm a member of a private tracker but there is rTorrent not allowed. So I've asked the team why this client is blocked. Their answer was surprising me: "We block all clients we don't know!"

    So they doesn't know anything about this client. I asked if they would unblock the client if I can provide evidence that the client is safe!

    But I can't find anything that would proves that! Does someone of you have a link or something?

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    I bet that n00b site is hosted on a windows server lol

    rtorrent is very safe dude I love it

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    If they've never heard of rTorrent, then there's a problem with that tracker, or at least the staff.

    Try convincing them in a polite way that it's a popular client.

    they didn't built Rome in one day

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    What site doesn't allow rtorrent?

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    I would instantly leave that tracker and never look back. Any site that does not allow rtorernt is run by people with no clue at all.

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    name the site.

    rtorrent is widely accepted and considered one of the best native unix clients.

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    Quote Originally Posted by colbert View Post
    What site doesn't allow rtorrent?
    tophos was the tracker that didn't allow rtorrent before I suggest them to include it in their list

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    i've used rtorrent on my seedbox for ages now, its perfectly safe - i use it on SCC/what/waffles/TB/Revtt etc... with no problems

    the tracker must have no clue

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    Thanks for all the replies!

    The tracker I'm talking about is a german one.

    Btw, I'm from Austria and it's 08:25 in the morning now for me.

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