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Thread: How much (BW / Month) can I get away with in Hosting IE ?

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    How much BW (UP+down) can I get away with per month ?

    They say 10TB per month, and last 2 months I have got up to that and slightly exceeded that. (like 10.5TB)

    This month I will definitely go over by quite some amount. its 16 days I am at 8TB

    So people who have Hosting-IE or know about it please comment ?

    Should I start limiting my traffic? if so what is the max I should aim for? like 12TB or 15Tb ... ?


    P.S. I have a dedicated server.
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    Not sure... give it a go and report back how much you got away with - will be intertested to know this myself

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    all depends to load in your subnet, if it is too hight they will try to balance it to avoid some complains from other users.
    I've seen people using 22 TB yes 22
    and no words from them
    I had 16 TB couple of times no word from them but ones I've got coted for 14Tb
    they came back to me and ask to reformat the server, so I paid 19 euro and that's it, I'm back in the business ) no suspended server or similar like other providers does.

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    Hosting-ie Roks !!

    I'm not that heavy user but using 8-9 TB constantly

    hosting-ie forever m8


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