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Thread: Y Is That?

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    i wuz downloadin' sum songs off kazaa(lite of course) and after i finished downloading them... wtf the sound is so wiered it wuz like really LOUD NOISE in these songs...even in the songs that I downladed after!! that happened with 8 songs that I downloaded!! Y is that? the sound is like speeding up the voice to 80% in a sound wiered!!
    an example is :
    HELL SONG by SUM41
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    I&#39;m trying everybody I don&#39;t know I am going to go off. 1...2..3..4..5...6..7..8..9..10...Ok, I am calm just go here man:
    and here:

    The reason for all that above is this has been posted to many times. Next time before u post search the forum or read the F.A.Q.


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