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Thread: Cutting And Joining An Avi File

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    I've already posted at dvdrhelp, and I figured I'd try my luck here. I have an AVI file, that I would like to cut in the middle of the movie (that would last to the end of my movie source). In the end, the result would be a 3 minute clip. Now I've tried this with Virtual Dub, but in VDub, you can only cut at keyframes (if I did this, I would have a few seconds of video that I don't want). I've tried using AVISynth, and loading that script file in VDub, but that requires re-encoding, and I lost a lot of quality. Does anyone know any other way I can cut my AVI file at exactly the spot I want?


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    Easy Video Splitter
    Easy Video Joiner

    Great programs! Both are trial versions but you can use them without limits, until you can get a crack.

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    cant find any cracks for it

    Elisha Is My Wife, DONT TOUCH! (LP FAN - Fort Minor Sucks BTW) oh and forgot i use the alias NoX here.. lol

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    I just tried the program, had same problem as Virtual Dub. Instead of cutting exactly where I told it, it snapped to a keyframe, giving me video that I didn't want. Thanks anyway though.

    Any other programs?

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    sorry for giving you bad news, but without reencoding, there is no other way but to cut at the keyframes.
    there's no magic, if you want to cut at any other point, you'll have to reencode it.


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