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Thread: Corrupted Games

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    I've made a chart of the games I downloaded and wuz corrupted and files that contain a virus no 1 else has to do the same mistake wasting time downloading corrupted can also add to this list the files that you downloaded and were not working...
    • Battle field 1942 Battlefield 1942 Full.exe 206 MB
    • Titjiggle(flash game) Titjiggle(flash game).exe 336kb
    • Hitman 2 silent assassin(pc full game) Hitman 2 silent assassin(pc full game).exe 484MB
    • Enter the matrix Civilization (full version.exe 132MB
    • YO GI OH PC(game) YO GI OH PC(game).exe 37MB
    • WWE raw full game WWE raw fullgame.exe 80MB
    • War craft2-tides of the darkness War craft2-tides of the darkness.exe 20MB
    • Ghost recon <<ALL VERSIONS>> Ghost recon.exe, Ghost recon(full), ghost recon island thunder.exe 181MB
    • Unreal tournament<<all versions>> Unreal.exe, rune.exe, … 389MB..
    • Medal of honour Red alert.exe, medal of honor full.exe, medal of honor spread head.exe… 207MB
    • Splinter cell full game Splinter cell full game.exe 145MB
    • Soldier of fortune 2 (Full) us.. Commad and conquer renegade.exe 207MB
    • Microsoft flight simulator 2002 Microsoft flight simulator 2002.exe 212MB
    • Splinter cell full&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33; SPLINTER_CELL_FULL_W_SERIAL.exe 716MB
    • YO GI OH GAME EXE(works great most share) YO GI OH GAME EXE(works great most share).exe 744KB
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    U are trying to do a good deed but this is what the verified hashes is for.


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