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Thread: Utorrent: How to move your torrents easily and effortlessly

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    Some of you may have faced the problem of having to move all of the torrents you are seeding with your utorrent client to another partition/HDD or even PC.

    If you simply move your torrents and your utorrent settings directory, your client won't read them, since they will be in a different named disk/partition.

    Renaming the new partition to the old one via the windows Disk Management is not always easy and possible.You may have moved your torrents from your C: booting partition to another one, or from one computer with only one partition to a computer with more partitions.
    You may also have on that partition other programs/games etc installed, which you wouldn't like to mess around.

    Many times we may also have come to the point to move a bunch (and not all) of our torrents to another partition (to gain some space).

    Even worse, some of us may have faced a corrupted resume.dat and as a result an empty of torrents utorrent client.

    I 've found out an easy and efficient way to cope with all the above problems and thought it would be nice to let you know.

    There is a nice program named BEncode editor, which you can download from here:

    1) We backup our resume.dat file, which is usually located at our
    documents and settings directory--> "our username" --> application data --> utorrent.
    OR C:\users\"our username"\appData\Roaming\Utorrent
    (we just make sure we have enabled the option to be able to view hidden files and folders, since it's a hidden one)

    2) We move all (or some) of our torrents to the new partition (in my case from C: to D: )

    3) We shut down our utorrent, load the BEncode editor and open the resume.dat.

    4) From there we can view our torrents the way they would be loaded from our client. In case we don't need some of them, we may simply click on them and delete them

    5) We remove the .fileguard key and press upon the little cross in front of the FIRST torrent name we intend to move, so as to unfold more details about it. Changes will be applied only from that torrent and downwards
    We click on the path of that torrent and choose edit--> replace

    6) There, in the first box we input part of the old value of the directory we want to change. In my case I want to alter the value C: to D: (the rest of the directory's name will remain the same), so I enter part of my directory "C:\utorrent"
    In the second box I enter D:\utorrent (since the rest of the directory's name won't be altered)

    6b) If I wanted to move some of my torrents, for example the torrents I seed on hdbits or whatever tracker (and have saved in the appropriate subdirectory), I would move the whole directory and then edit the resume.dat by entering in the first box the value C:\utorrent\downloads\hdbits and in the second box : D:\utorrent\downloads\hdbits.

    6c) If I wanted to move all of my movies, in the same way, I would have entered C:\utorrent\downloads\movies to D:\utorrent\downloads\movies

    7) If we want to move only the selected torrent we press "replace".
    Otherwise we press "replace all" and the whole pack of torrents will be edited according to the value we entered in the boxes.

    8) In case we want to move our torrents to a different PC, with a different partition name AND different computer name, apart from changing of the path, we have to apply one more change to the alias of our computer. (in my case from "XP1600" to "newname").
    So we mark the name of the 1st torrent:

    and change our computer username accordingly and press "replace all"

    9) We save our resume.dat file and we are ready!
    We don't have anymore to enter one by one all of our torrents .

    In case of a new computer, we also move the entire utorrent- settings directory to the new computer (usually located at documents and settings directory--> "our username" --> application data --> utorrent)
    OR C:\users\"our username"\appData\Roaming\Utorrent

    (*) The author of this nice program claims that it can also fix a corrupted resume.dat file simply by loading it on the editor and saving it.
    I haven't checked that out, but it could be proved really handy.

    I think this process could help some of you to seed your torrents much longer, even if you have to switch to a new computer.
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    Thanks man ... I have to regularly move torrents from my main drive to the External Drive and i think this would be really helpfull ..

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    Thanks bro

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    GREAT guide and I am sure it will come in handy very soon!
    Stop chasing, start living!!!

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    Thanks dude ...

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    Thanks, helped me.

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    nice advice.. I had that problem moving torrents and I'm gonna try your way!


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    Thanks for the tip!

    Excuse Me?
    Didn't Think So!

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    planet earth
    appreciated the info!

    best regards

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    I did not try yet, but i am sure it will help me in the future
    thanks dude for your really good effort

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