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Thread: Sharing Games Wif U All :)

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    I own a plethora of great games mostly oldies but definatly goodies
    JK 2 Outcast
    Quake 3
    BF 1942
    GTA 3
    Dungeon Siege
    Dues Ex
    and a few more
    To share/crack/smack/hack/stack and flack :teehee: all these games would i have to learn to program ? Or can i convert the CDs into ISOs wif some program? If so what program and where could i find a Newbie guide to useing and crack/smack/hack/stack/ing these games?

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    Use clone cd, the wizard is traight forward enough. It will give you tree files - a sub, ccd and an img file. Zip these all or rar them and then share. That is all.

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    To create a CD image, try WinISO.

    I'm unsure as to whether you can make anything other than ISOs though.

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    Use CLONE CD, as was posted above. And .rar them together (compress) cuz i have found that winace and zip files are shitty compared to .rar, specially for a file this big (just my own opinion tho, don't want to piss off the .zip and .ace fans)


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