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Thread: iplay invitation problem

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    Yesterday, my friend sent me an invite to iplay but unfortunately it never got into my email. What is the best solution to solve this problem now? He said, there is an option to delete the invite, but if he does that, is the invite gonna get restored to his account? And yes, I have given him a gmail ID.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

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    join irc channel iplay

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    All deleted invites get restored instantaneously... about 1000 accounts got pruned so your friend can try inviting you again.

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    ^ ok. so he can just delete the current invite and re-invite me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuttichan View Post
    ^ ok. so he can just delete the current invite and re-invite me?
    Exactly, that is the best choice. He won´t lose his invite.

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    Thank you all for the replies. invitation received!


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