i'm looking for invites to waffles.fm and/or what.cd

tbh i prefer waffles to what (b'coz that's what i've been told is better)...however, i've also been informed that they have enough unique material between them that you can have an account in both of them and still have enough exclusive material (to each site) available for download

as for why do i want an account there?...well here's why:

i have no exclusive music trackers for myself other than STMusic...yet STMusic doesn't have nearly enough material on it for my liking...altho i do still download the new and commercially popular material from the site....there's just too much stuff which isn't there (yet i would love to have)

i'm certainly a music buff and have stuff from more than one genres (like most ppl) + more than one language (hindi/indian)

other than that...don't really know what else to say...i mean i do need the trackers but if this doesn't seem reason enough...then i guess i can't convince any better either...

p.s. this is only my reasoning ofcourse...if u need proofs + speed tests (which i'm sure u do lol)...then i'll be more than happy to show them...however, i would prefer to put them in PM's if that suits u better

thanks for reading!