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Thread: Ask| where i con buy Seedbox with discovercard?

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    I got discovercard .
    but i dont found site then i can pay with him.
    looking for help!

  2. BitTorrent   -   #2
    add discovercard to paypal and pay via paypal

  3. BitTorrent   -   #3
    ^Do what tehmrserver said.

    You need to realize many of the seedboxes "companies" are not legit businesses, they are just simple people giving you access to a shared box. Giving out your Discover card # would be VERY dangerous. Only trust the hosters directy, such as OVH or Leaseweb... but even then I wouldn't give them my credit card info.

    Unless this card is stolen, and that would be why you don't want to put it on paypal....


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