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Thread: Seed using uTorrent WebUI ????

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    Hi all,

    How can you seed a torrent using a WebUI? i habe created the torrent file on my home PC and I am uploading the files to my seedbox.
    How do I seed the torrent using the WebUi?

    any help will be appreciated.

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    possibly, you will need to link the torrentfile to the actual files once you have finished uploading them to your seedbox.

    how you do that, i have no idea.

    i for one shall be keeping an eye her, as i myself would like to upload some torrents!

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    Just like you would with a local client

    Upload the file to where your webui would download/store files normally and create the torrent locally. Upload the torrent on your target tracker and redownload the torrent from the tracker to your local machine (because private tracker you need to redownload it because it holds your ID info). Open the torrent in webui, and if it's set to auto start torrents it will automatically force recheck and start seeding when it's done.

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    Hi Ichigo81,

    I just tried some thing similar and this worked.
    I created the .torrent file on my local PC, then I uploaded the files to the seedbox. I then created the torrent on my tracker (upload info) and then I added the .torrent file I created on my local PC to the WebUI.

    This seems to be working. My tracker said it would not display my torrent until I was seeding (this is why I used my .torrent file)

    Thanks for your help.

    Sorry Ichigo81, you were right.
    you have to use the .torrent file from the tracker or they will see it as dead, as mine did.

    What I did was went to my torrents and the file was there and then I downloaded it and added it to my WebUI.

    Thanks again Ichigo81
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