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Thread: [REQ]blackcatgames

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    I need this invite.

    I have seedbox and home connection (FTTH 20/20).





    I'm also in SceneAccess,, wafless, SuperTorrents, TorrentBytes,..

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    Only way to get it is if stoi gives you one. But i doubt he will.

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    And why not?

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    in my experiences, stoi wouldn't care about all your ratio proofs and bragging about trackers. he's the owner of the site, so i think he needs to hear more about _why_ you want the tracker.

    they didn't built Rome in one day

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    I would like to join in this tracker because I like to play games. I'm a fan of games.

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    ye, but definitelly talk to him, he will not bite you, he will help you if he found you as a good user
    btw reason i like to play games is not a good reason, you already got sct, tl and surely others where are many games, so you should rly have better purpose

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    Thanx for info.

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    **** sorry for double post.
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