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Thread: [REQ] TorrentLeech

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    I've been using torrents very actively for about a year now .. figured I'm ready to try privates out.

    I know all the basics and am very computer literate as I work with them for a living.

    Would LOVE it if somebody could introduce me to the world of privates.
    Me and my new internet connection have heard TorrentLeech is an awesome place to begin =).

    Thanks for anybody who can help me!

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    i have known this guy for a couple years now and im kinda taking him under my wing showing him the places he should start and all that so he'll be a good user wherever you invite him. if i had an invite to torrentleech i would do it myself but i figure tl is a great place to really get the feel of everything and then from there ill be inviting him wherever else he wants. thanks if you can help him

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    Thank you VERY much for all those who offered!
    I have an account setup now and am actively participating on my FIRST private torrent site!


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