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Thread: 7zip to bz2 converter any ?

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    I downloaded wikipedia 7zip dump which not supported by wikitaxi (wikipedia offline viewer) it only able to support bz2 I think
    dont want to download another 3.9 gb bz2 dump again - slow download speed

    need to know 7zip to bz2 converter
    tried "arc convert" open source converter it is not working it shows error unknown format

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    I don't know of any conversion program, but I read your other post regarding unpacking this archive and requiring 900+MB of space.

    There are a couple of options using NTFS compressed folders and partitions or Compressed (Zipped) Folders.

    Compressed folders and partitions.

    If you have an NTFS file system you can using a compressed folder or partition. As long most of the files in the archive are significantly larger than the allocation size of the partition then you should be able to achieve a high degree of compression. Unfortunately it's not going to work if there are a lot of small files, and I suspect that's probably the case.

    Create a new folder, then right click on it and select "Properties". Press the "Advanced" button, tick the box marked "Compress contents to save disk space" and press "OK".

    Or select the partition in My Computer, right click and select "Properties", tick the box marked "Compress contents to save disk space" and press "OK".

    If you do this on a folder which is not empty, or on a partition, you will be asked where you want to apply the changes - select "This folder, subfolders and files" and press "OK". It can take a considerable time to compress the existing contents.

    Compressed (Zipped) Folders.

    You could also take advantage of XP's built in zip compression by using a Compressed (Zipped) Folder. Create the folder first then extract the archive into that folder. However, there's a maximum size and I've seen it reported at both 2GB and 4GB, so be warned that data in such a folder may not be accessible.

    Alternatively if the data is arranged in sub-folders you could create a Compressed (Zipped) Folder for each of the sub-folders. That would almost certainly work and shouldn't result in folders that are too big. You would have to create each Compressed (Zipped) Folder before extracting from the archive though.
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    use bzip2 to extract and then compress it back in bz2 format.

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    thanks for all the help
    but it is not 900+mb it is more than 1 Tb
    and I have no hdd space to extract and convert whole
    wikipedia offline explorer softwares made it possible to explore already compressed xml dump (bz2) converting to its database (without actually extracting whole package )
    if I split files to small size and convert to bz2 dont know the joined files will work
    I learn downloading the bz2 again will be easier than conversion
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