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Thread: Cheap windows box

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    I need the cheapest box with windows and also alot of memory with unlimited bandwith. I dont care about speeds its not needed for that

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    I dont think "cheap" + "alot of memory" + "windows" come in one package? Think that what your after would cost quite a few $$$$ but if you do find something cheap, report back and let us know

    Why not just use a *nix based OS?

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    cos its for a scene bot ..

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    i guess i could say OVH; (
    i just had the guy wipe linux from my box (linux frustrates me to no end!!) and put on windows server...
    its free apparently.

    aside from that, it has 1gb ram, and unlimited BW, and is around 65 USD a month.
    that is seriously about as cheap as you can get for your requirements..

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    If you are going to configure a mirc based bot, this will work perfectly well within Linux, mircstorm etc can be run from within a Wine container or under CrossOver Office 6. Since the amount of data sent and received will be quite small you should be able to get something very cheap.



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