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Thread: which better, SCL or TL ?

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    i mean i know SCL is level 4 and TL is only 3

    but i have a 1.40+ TB of upload on my TL account and ive been offered a SCL invite for that, should i take it?

    My TL account is like 80+ weeks old and ive worked really hard on that uploads, should i give it away for a new tracker?

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    stoi's Avatar BCG Owner BT Rep: +45BT Rep +45BT Rep +45BT Rep +45BT Rep +45BT Rep +45BT Rep +45BT Rep +45BT Rep +45
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    Oct 2002
    take no notice of those numbers, its the [10] and [7] you need to look at.

    I am not a member of either, just giving you some helpful advice.

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    hollowed_one's Avatar No Homo BT Rep: +22BT Rep +22BT Rep +22BT Rep +22BT Rep +22
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    shouldnt trade
    a roll of the dice

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    killercam101's Avatar count-dick ass BT Rep: +8BT Rep +8
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    No, it is a lot harder to seed on SCL and the tracker because of its few users has a low seeders to leechers ratio.They both get the same scene (tv shows/movies releases) if you're only into new stuff. I say stick with TL you dont have to worry about ratio and activity on Scl a new account (14 days of inactivity) it gets deleted and now that freeleech at ScL has ended a lot less users will be actively using their accounts.

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    deadalive1's Avatar VS ***** BT Rep: +2
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    First off... don't trade.
    Second, keep TL, ScL is ok but nobody leeches there (with the exception of in the archive section). TL has far more torrents and the seeder/leecher ratio is better also.
    Please do not randomly PM asking for invites as I have none to give out. Have a nice day.

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    no don't give your TL account for SCL
    i wouldn't give a demonoid code for SCL
    it has few lechers not good pre time and the content
    and spare me all the bullshit about the community

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    @stoiHe's been trying to trade it for a while so I don't think it is that important to him

    I don't really want you on ScL but then again I don't want the person who offered the trade so maybe you'd be an improvement.

    Honest advice.Levels mean nothing,TL is one of the top 3 general sites on the web and you'd be a fool to give it up.

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    Poster BT Rep: +1
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    Apr 2008
    tl is a sct compared to scl

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    lol ok guys i got the point
    thank you very much for the help of doing the worst trade ever

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    Cabalo's Avatar FileSharingTalker BT Rep: +24BT Rep +24BT Rep +24BT Rep +24BT Rep +24
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    u did well. TL owns SCL 10x or more, plain simple. SCL is a noob tracker that got some hype via collectors and cuz it used to be hard to get there, which is no longer a true statement.

    TL is the best private tracker that exists, in matters of contents. Only RevTT and SCT have nearly that much.

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